"Along with favorites found at some big box stores, I especially enjoy when I can showcase online merchants and small businesses too.  

"There are more ways to travel for a good experience.  Often the best view is just a bike ride away.  Scoop and Share about your travels near home."

"I love good food and awesome places to eat.  Whether at home or nearby dining.  Scoop and Share positive dining experiences." 

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—  Lita Notes


Lita Williams provides preferred scoops to share about shopping, traveling and dining.    


"I get inspired by the passion that can be seen throughout the marketplace and looking forward to bringing businesses and consumers together."

- Lita  

Ask Lita

Send inquiries and feedback about products, services and information featured in Scoop and Share publications made available by Lita Williams at The Positive Network Company.  Request your copy of TPN Community Brief too!

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