Shop, Travel, Dine Portland

Shop, Travel, Dine Portland

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Get Mindlerts based on community preferences for places to shop, places to travel and dine in Portland, Oregon. 


These helpful opt-in notification advertisements are free member subscriptions delivered minimally two times weekly by email and text to US mobile phones, per the Mindlerts selected.


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Get Shop, Travel, Dine Portland, OR

    Mindlerts are advertisement notifications that can be both informational and the result of paid marketing services.  The opt-in notifications are delivered per subscription.  Mindlerts can be customized based on the categories subscribers select. Customers can subscribe to as many Mindlert categories preferred.  


    Note:  Though processes are managed to avoid duplications, it's possible that customers may receive duplicated messages. 


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    Mindlerts can be cancelled at anytime.  


    Our goal is to ensure customer deliveries are as expected.  Service concerns can be emailed to


    Delivery for Mindlerts requested are scheduled to being within three business days of order receipt. US phone users can subscribe to have Mindlerts delivered to both text.


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