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Ask Lita for communications and marketing to connect helpful products, services and information with consumers. 

Email Campaign Assistance

Stretch your marketing budget and increase your reach for just $70.00 per month.  Ask Lita to develop content for newsletters and highlight your helpful products, services and information in Ask Lita Scoop and Share business and consumer directories.


Learn about free and premium advertising services.  Our in network no cost service includes basic advertising contact name, website / location and tagline.  Advertisements are per editorial direction, placement and duration availability.  Select vendors, merchants, entrepreneurs and small businesses can be invited to feature content in our directories too.


Ask Lita about a premium member services that assist in promoting your helpful products, services and information.  Premium membership options offer guidance and tactical support that can include:

  • strategic consulting

  • brand coaching

  • image strategy

  • message positioning

  • creative direction

  • online brand analysis

  • public relations 

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Our process 

Get 30 minutes of free consultation to determine next steps.  Your initial consultation includes time for review and discussion about your image goals and brand objectives.


How we engage 

Communications and marketing services are provided byway of online response, and can include phone support for US based clients.  Assistance offered is established uniquely for each client, as our goal is to forward individual image and brand stories.



There is no cost for an initial consultation and there is no cost for helpful products, services and information to *advertise basic contact information within our network


Learn more about premium memberships.  Communications and marketing guidance, resources and support are available with monthly or annual premium memberships.  Pricing is depended upon premium membership subscription. 

Need per project cost option?  Communications and marketing services can be purchased to assist short-term projects too!

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