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Image, Brand Creative Direction
Get assistance to focus and strengthen your presence, including overall image, brand messaging, communication delivery and appearance.
Market Research
Request market research to inform your brand strategy and branding communications.
Brand Messaging and Design
Ask Lita to develop your messaging and keep your brand collateral fresh, including taglines, logos, website design and content development with the assistance needed.
Advertisement Storyboard Development
Ask for help with developing communication concepts, copy and slogans for effective marketing positioning to attract your targeted audience.
Communication Development and Management
Get assistance with messaging strategy development and with managing responses for customer communications about helpful products, services and information.
Digital Content Publishing
Ask Lita to manage your content calendar to ensure marketing communication and online posts get out timely.
Promotional Event Planning
Ask Lita to assist with planning promotional events. By aligning well placed resources and support, your next event can be staged with ease for success!
Competitor Monitoring
Stay informed. Request monitoring of your competition and alerts that highlight what matters most for your success.
Brand Perception Tracking
Request an audit of your brand communication and collateral to keep your content updated and relevant. We work to address disconnects and make content suggestions that can assist your brand's perception and improve overall brand awareness.
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"I'm looking forward to helping you with the essentials you need to better organize and spend your time building the relationships that matter most to you.

di Accento is an Italian word meaning 'to accent' and is how we approach delivery of the services offered.  We don't work to change our clients or to impose our view.  Our primary goal is to be an essential component for advancing helpful products, services and information by assisting, aligning and highlighting the best that our business clients have to offer consumers."

- Lita Williams

Guidance, Resources and Support

Ask Lita



Valued Connections


Don't see the resource you need?  We'll search our network to identify the connection that can assist you best.  This free member service is available in just five steps. 




5 steps to more valued connections:

1.  Join.  "The Positive Network Community" (membership is free).

2.  Request.  Detail your request about the type of product, service or information you need.

3.  Acknowledgement.  We'll send notification that your request will be reviewed and begin saving you time by conducting the search needed on your behalf.

4.  Options.  As a free member service, we'll provide contact information for options that you can consider.

5.  Connect.  The final step is up to you, as you determine whether or not to move forward with either of the options provided.  As a result of confirming your selection, we'll follow up with you to determine if further assistance is needed.  



Business People Directory Service

About our connections 

The Ask Lita Business Directory includes product, service and information providers that have offered customer first processes, which make apparent that customer satisfaction is at the forefront in overall quality performance, communication and resolution timeliness. 


Note:  Though we do not endorse or take responsibility for any outcomes resulting from any product, service or information related transactions directly or indirectly, as a result of a business connection we provide, we do expect our connections to support our mission of promoting positive experiences.  Therefore, we'll remove connections from Ask Lita Business People Directory that we determine do not advocate our priorities for customer first processes, which encourage overall customer satisfaction.  


How we engage 

We try not to be robotic or highly automatic.  Instead, we work to engage customers personally, one at a time.  Our business market network resources are made available by real people working to assist individual communications, marketing, advertising and promotions with care.


Our efforts are tailored to assist general consumer members and premium business members 

Ask Lita / TPN Company general consumer membership is free and makes available Business People Directory services for consumers at no cost. 


Ask Lita premium membership is a fee for service membership offering businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals strategic guidance, resources, and support outlined per our flagship services.

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