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  • Disclaimer

    Businesses, product, service and information providers that have been noted by individual testimony, and public facing information, for placing customer satisfaction at the forefront for overall quality, effective communications and timeliness are invited to list contact information in our Business People Directory.  Though we do not endorse or take responsibility for outcomes resulting from any business, product, service or information provider connection, some providers are recognized personally by Lita Williams and TPN representatives for demonstrating Ask Lita 10 essential ingredients, which are indicators of customer first service that can lead to positive customer experiences.

  • Teamwork

    "With teamwork more can get done, quality can be enhanced and follow up timely and most effective.” 

  • Passion

    "Loving what you do shows up for everyone to see.   Interest in what you do grows at a contagious pace when passion is on display."

  • Care

    "People respond best when care is given and sincere.  Thoughtfulness is recognized and appreciated.”

  • Timely

    "No one likes delays.  Timeliness can make the valued difference.” 

  • Integrity

    "Your word is bond.  Integrity leads to trust.  People expect that what is stated can be depended upon.” 

  • Follow Through

    "Follow Through allows effective conclusion.  Chances are that it won't get done well without effective follow through.” 

  • Pride

    "Feeling good about what you do encourages others to appreciate the results.” 

  • Inviting

    "Everyone wants to feel welcomed.  When people feel invited, more than likely they'll return for more.” 

  • Responsive

    "Communication is only effective when its responsive.” 

  • Proactive

    "Anticipation is the best way to be prepared.  Proactive measures make actions more manageable.” 

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