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"I assist clients with making connections essential for success.  Working to connect consumers and businesses for positive experiences, I'm happy to offer The Positive Network Company, as a key source for communications and marketing assistance to advance helpful products, services and information.  With more than ten years of strategic marketing consulting experience and brand management, spanning a variety of industries, my clients receive the value of critical expertise and the relationships that I've built along the way.  I look forward to providing the guidance, resources and support needed to meet client brand communications and marketing objectives.  Let's connect to determine how we might work together and benefit your brand goals"

- Lita


Business People Connection LLC, dba The Positive Network Company.  Owner and Founder, Lita Williams is known for assisting businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals with meeting communications and marketing objectives.  

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“Lita is genuinely passionate about helping small business owners. To that end, she provides free marketing tools to help them find new customers. She's also super supportive of their businesses, and I know I can count her among those that support what I do with my company.”

Susan Payton, President, Egg Marketing & Communications

"I am pleased to share that Lita has consistently presented herself to be a well-rounded, articulate professional who has always shown genuine enthusiasm, passion, loyalty, and integrity in her business endeavors and relationships."

Starzette Grate, VP Sr Operations Manager, Certus Bank




"Business People Connection is a welcome to business as it should be.  Focused, professional, and visionary, Lita Williams delivers what she says, on schedule. Lita has put us on a path that we can believe and follow, she has shown us what success looks, feels and acts like. 

We know clearly what lies ahead - thank you Lita!"

Steven Bailey, Naturopathic Physician

“Lita Williams is a wonderful, skillful and amazing person. I met Lita early in 2013 and she and I connected immediately, it was her compassion and relationship oriented approach to life that made me feel heard. This is essential for me in having a business advisor.

Having a background as a professional broadcaster, I was very impressed with the result of our interview. Usually a business founder has a specific skill or profession and launches out on their own as an entrepreneur. Most have little knowledge or expertise in marketing or running a business. Often it is a learn as you go and then it is “OJT” on the job training.  “Some eight of ten new businesses fail in the first three years.” say Forbes Magazine 11/13/2012. For greater success in scaling the highest height on earth, it’s best to have a “Sherpa”. Lita can guide you up the rock and treacherous path.”

Marvin Brock, President, Qi Center

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