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The publications advertise and promote helpful products, services and information in order to connect businesses and consumers for positive outcomes


House and Home Matters

Makes available insight and Tips for home buying and marketing a house for sell

Blog Talk Series

Offers a variety of short-story and socially conscious podcasts


Guidance, Resources & Support

  • Communication and Marketing 

    • Brand Strategy Consulting

    • Tactical Assistance

      • Image and Brand Direction

      • Message Development 

      • Market Research

      • Brand Perception Tracking  

      • Competitor Monitoring

      • Collateral Design

      • Video Editing

      • Podcast Development and Editing

      • Storyboard Development

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- Ask Lita - 

Business People Connection LLC, dba The Positive Network Company, is a marketing consulting and advertising agency founded by owner Lita Williams to advance the connection of helpful products, services and information that can make a valued difference for businesses and consumers. 

Advance the connection

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Our Vision

The Positive Network Company is essential for connecting positive experiences between consumers and businesses.

Our Mission

We're building a business and consumer community to advance positivity highlighted in curated and open-sourced content about marketplace news, leisure activities, healthy living interactions, people in action, house and home matters and socially conscious engagements in our blog talk series. 


Our mission is to be the preferred source for valued connections that can lead to positive experiences for businesses and consumers.  We publish content to heighten the brand and voice for businesses, entrepreneurs, merchants, vendors and diverse professionals, so that consumers can easily connect with what they do best.


TPN Company mission is directed and engaged personally by owner and founder, Lita Williams.  Offering strategic consulting, tactical communication and marketing services, TPN Company is positioned to achieve its mission by nurturing its community and leveraging platforms aligned for consumers to "Ask Lita".


TPN community members are invited to provide input, alongside affiliated contributors and showcased network content featured in Scoop and Share business and consumer lifestyle advertising publications. 


Ask Lita @ Scoop and Share is a call-to-action focused to inspire advocacy for consumer-friendly practices.  As such, Scoop and Share publications are viewed for directory to helpful products, services and information. include editorial commentary, member community opinions and suggestions, testimonials, media posts and references to public examples of meaningful marketplace exchanges that tout customer first interactions.   

Our Flagship Services

Ask Lita communication and marketing assists merchant businesses, entrepreneurs, vendors and professionals with developing brand strategy and the practices that are needed to advance the connection to their helpful products, services and information.  Ask Lita about our flagship services for the guidance, resources and support needed to heighten your brand and voice.  Purchase our flagship services per project, by monthly or annual premium membership. 


Advance the Connection

Got a scoop about helpful products, services and information?  Advance the connection by scooping and sharing your positive experiences as a member of our TPN community today.  There is no cost to join TPN community to scoop and share, because connecting positivity is good for everyone. 

Join us.  Advance the connection!