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Ask Lita about member only services for consumers and businesses. 


Consumer Member Benefit:

TPN Community makes available a free general membership for consumers to request and gain connections to a variety of merchants to meet their interests.

Fee for Service:

Our premium membership, is a fee for service that provides monthly and per project subscription options for communication, marketing, advertising and promotion assistance to heighten brand and voice aligned with consumer priorities.


Mindlert Promotions

The event planning service assist with the development of messaging for positive outcomes. 


No matter the company size, or individual brand, Mindlert promotions provides focus and management support for the attention required to deliver content that will inspire the connections needed.  The flagship service includes email, text message and social media design.


Ask Lita Scoop and Share Publications

The business and consumer lifestyle publications makes available advertising options for select TPN Company general members and sponsored advertisers.  Per editorial discretion, general membership holders and *sponsored advertisers can request content publishing regarding helpful products, services and information for posting in Scoop and Share publications.

*Sponsored advertisers pay a fee for advertising and must demonstrate consumer priorities regarding communication thoughtfulness and resolution timeliness about products, services and information advertised in Scoop and Share publications.



Strategy Consulting & Management

For more than ten years, Lita Williams has assisted businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals with delivering strategic messaging and effective communication.  From concept ideation to execution and management, Ask Lita for strategies that can monitor, shape and ignite your communication objectives.

  • Image and Brand Direction

  • Market Research

  • Brand Messaging and Design

  • Storyboard Development

  • Customer Relations Assistance

  • Promotional Event Planning

  • Competitor Monitoring

  • Brand Perception Tracking

  • Digital Content Publishing

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The Positive Network Company

Ask Lita, LLC umbrellas a network of domains, websites, publishing properties and includes Business People Connection LLC, dba The Positive Network Company, marketing consulting and advertising agency.  


Founded and operated by Lita Williams, with a primary focus to advocate the connection of helpful products, services and information, Lita invites businesses and consumers to "Ask Lita" for assistance with making connections that can lead to positive outcomes in the marketplace.


Advance the connection!


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Our Vision

Lita Williams employs "Ask Lita" as the preferred source essential for assisting brands with advancing the connection of helpful products, services and information that can lead to positive experiences for consumers and businesses.

Our Mission

We're building a business and consumer networking community to advocate positivity at the forefront of discussions by highlighting consumer values in open-sourced, curated and developed content about healthy living interactions, people in action, house and home matters, socially conscious engagements and more. 


By forwarding "Ask Lita" as the mantra that drives our mission to connect consumers and businesses, Lita takes a personal approach in advocating for interactions that support positive outcomes in the marketplace.  The "Ask Lita" approach uniquely directs communications, marketing, advertising and promotions to align businesses and people successfully.  

Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Diverse Professions Ask Lita for Flagship Services:

  • Communications

  • Marketing

  • Advertising

  • & Promotion

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TPN Company Membership Advantage

The Positive Network Company Member Community of businesses and consumers are offered guidance, resources and support to assist in the connection of helpful products, services and information. Find out more

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