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Business People Connection LLC, dba The Positive Network Company, is a marketing consulting and advertising agency founded by owner Lita Williams to advance the connection of helpful products, services and information that can make a valued difference for consumers and businesses. 

Advance the connection

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Our Vision

The Positive Network Company is essential for connecting positive experiences between consumers and businesses.

Our Mission

We're building a business and consumer community to advance positivity highlighted in curated and open-sourced content about marketplace exchanges for business solutions, leisure activities, social engagements and healthy living interactions.  Our mission is to be a preferred source for connections that can lead to positive experiences for businesses and consumers.  


The Positive Network Company, also referred to as TPN Company, mission is nurtured by input from its community members, affiliated contributions and Ask Lita Scoop and Share business and consumer lifestyle advertising publications.  "Ask Lita" business people publications are directories focused to showcase helpful products, services and information, heightened by editorial commentary, member community opinions, suggestions, testimonials, media posts and other public facing references touting meaningful marketplace exchanges resulting from interactions that make apparent customer first priorities.

Our Services

Ask Lita Flagship services include both free and premium member benefits.  The free membership offers consumers Scoop and Share publications about helpful products, services and information.  Premium member services offer communication and marketing assistance for businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.  The premium service makes available Ask Lita brand development guidance, di Accento project management and staffing resources, Scoop and Share sponsorship advertising and Mindlert promotional support. 


Advance the Connection

Got a Scoop? Share.  Join TPN Community to Scoop and Share helpful products, services and information that can advance the connection to positive experiences in the marketplace.  Connecting positivity is good for everyone.  So, advance the connection today!