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Welcome!  Got a Scoop to Share?  You're invited to the discussion.  Under editorial direction of owner and founder, Lita Williams, is The Positive Network Company hub for encouraging the connection of positive experiences between businesses and consumers. 


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The Girls and Boys Club of America works to  enable all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.



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People uniting in love each and every daily.


Messages that inspire people and business to interact for mutual benefit. 


Work that advances helpful connections.

Resources that support public schools gain access to modern technology and the tools needed to inspire children to be more intellectual, more responsible and more conscious about the impact of their actions.


Organizations that encourage innovation, business startups and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Those with means helping the less fortunate access opportunities for improvement.


People working to improve their circumstance without hurting others to do so.


Inclusive discussions focused on putting into action positive outcomes.

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What is your highest kindness score?

I believe that we all can give out more kindness to help life be a bit more joyful for everyone.  -Lita

What's your highest kindness score in one day, week, month or for the year?  Starting today, count the number of times you make a kind jester, smile, or offer an encouraging word or action to brighten someone's day.  Really, think about it.  At the end of the day, what would you say is your kindness score? 

Seriously, how many times have you made a negative judgement about someone you don't even know?  For example, what do you do when you pass someone walking toward you?  Do you look away and try to act like you don't see the person just a short distance from you? Next time you realize that you're about to judge or ignore someone for no good reason, take note; then take the time to give kindness to someone before the day ends.

Join me to increase kindness.  I believe we can make life at least a little more joyful for the people around us. 


My goal is to be socially conscious each day.   Though doing so is not always easy, I try to see everyone in my path with an open heart, sometimes, I fail.  So when I realize that I've missed an opportunity, I work to focus harder on being conscious of my actions and nonactions with greater sincerity to increase my kindness score.  As I continue to work toward being more socially conscious, each new opportunity reminds me that a positive expression given, is not only helpful for the receiver, but for the giver's consciousness too.



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